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Weeds & Roses

Originally Posted July 2018

Weeds & Roses

Psalm 139 – God designed us UNIQUE and LOVES each one of us.

Don’t ever let SATAN or YOURSELF convince you that God only uses or wants a perfect looking rose.  Never let WHERE God has brought you from, what he has SAVED you from, or how he has MADE you, DETERMINE your worth to God!

Read Psalm 139… ASK God to speak to your heart.

God made all the flowers… even the ones today that we call WEEDS.  (Dandelions have more vitamin A than spinach and so many health benefits… yet today we call them weeds.) Often the flowers that others see as WEEDS… can spread their seed the farthest.  Have you ever seen a lawn full of roses?

I have not yet seen that, but I have seen a lawn FULL of dandelions!

This bouquet is my way of showing you that God has made us all different… and we are all UNIQUE to the LORD.  Just like these flowers… we have different looks… talents… gifts… abilities, and we are not all the same.  But we can all follow God’s word, serve, and encourage one another. Together we can shine the light of Christ just as a beautiful bouquet can come together with such different flowers.  I LOVE how the Lord’s plans are so much more AMAZING than our own.

No matter what type of FLOWER you may be, remember that GOD loves YOU!